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This is a simple site with no flashy graphics.. It was set up  to do one thing.. To Help Others
50% of all income from this site will go to
Which helps soldiers wounded in the war on terror and the families of those killed in Action.
And 25% to Liberty Lodge in New York - Helping wounded soldiers to Hunt and Fish.
This site is paid a booking fee and percentage of the room rate. $3.00 for a booking and up to 10% of the room rate.
While you will get regular rates, you will be helping those who fight for you and for your freedom.
I chose this method of promotion over Pay Per Click and Radio and
TV ads because it gives back to the community and helps in ways
 that advertising money never will.
Jim Dicken
Owner USA Hotels and Motels.

Click on a State, Country or Province Below for a list of local hotels and motels by city.
 Prices to fit almost any Budget from $40.00 to $1000 Resorts
United States / Canada


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