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How this site makes its donations and how the site works.

I had an opportunity to work with IHS Affiliates. A program where I place ads for hotels in cities around the country and the world.
During a period of personal growth, while I was working on the road as a truck driver the site, and the links to my hotels began to make some serious money. At least to me it was serious, $200.00 to $300.00 a month. At the same time I found the Charity, www.FreedomISNotFree.com which helps soldiers. panerai replica sale I decided to donate part of my income to the that charity. After all I could not join the army, my age precluding it.  I had a need to help the men who were fighting for me.

Then for some strange reason the traffic to my pages dried up. I was making very little money so I decided to donate more, with the idea that word would spread of this site and that I could help others by spending my advertising money on the soldiers. It may or may not work. However whenever I get a check from the affiliate program I give Freedom Is NOT Free 50% and I also help the Outdoor Community by donating 25% to Liberty Lodge in NY. panerai replica sale They take soldiers hunting and fishing.

How It Works: When you book a room, the hotel pays me a $3.00 booking fee and a percentage of the room rate. breitling replica sale Normally this amounts to about $6.50 per room booked but can be higher depending on the room rate. When I get paid, I immediately write a check to the charities for the appropriate amount. The other 25% goes to site maintenance and paying my bills. So far the most I have made from this site is $300.00 in one month and that ENTIRE amount went to Freedom Is Not Free in October of 2006. That was my first donation to the organization. Since then, I have continued to donate though the traffic to the site went down, and the amounts are smaller.

James H. Dicken


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